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Chiaogoo Twist Shorties Set - Large

ChiaoGoo TWIST Shorties are the world's shortest interchangeable knitting needle set.

You'll have multiple options for making small circular needles with these, as they include 8cm needle tips and three different length cables, 13cm, 15cm and 20cm. Giving you lots of options for knitting smaller circumferences in the round, you can make circulars from 29 - 36cm.

We love these for knitting sleeves and socks!

This set gives you needle tips from 5.5 - 8mm.



Tip Size

5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, 8mm

Tip Length

3" (8cm)


One Each of: 5"(13cm), 6"(15cm) 8"(20cm) SWIV360 Cable with large connector


3" Swatch / Needle Gauge, 2 x End Stops, 1 x Cable Connector, Stitch Markers


100% Compatible with Large Twist, SWIV360 and Spin: cables, tips and accessories


Yellow pocket-sized fabric pouch.