Semilla GOTS at Tangled Yarn

February 21, 2021 3 min read 0 Comments

Semilla GOTS at Tangled Yarn

It's that time of year when new things start to arrive, things that have been in the planning for a while, like the arrival of Semilla GOTS from BC Garn to Tangled Yarn. Semilla is a hugely popular yarn for BC Garn; it's a sport weight but can use for DK patterns, so it's very versatile and offers a gauge 22 - 26 sts in stocking stitch. I got 28 stitches when I swatched using a 3.5mm needle, so I'd be tempted to use Semilla for 4 ply patterns too.


BC Garn has recently updated this yarn so that it is organic. It now holds the GOTS; Global Organic Textile Standard accreditation. Being organic means that Semilla is good for the environment and animal welfare; the pure wool comes from Argentian and is museling-free. It is then spun and dyed in Italy under strict rules to carry the GOTS label. 


BC Garn Semilla GOTS BC Garn Semilla GOTS 


Semilla GOTS has a two-ply construction and is a worsted spun yarn. The yarn is spun from carded fibres, so it is smoother, giving an excellent stitch definition, fantastic drape and softness. Semilla GOTS is a good choice for shawls and sweaters, great for colourwork, cables and lace. It really is an excellent all-round yarn.


Here are few ideas of projects you might like to knit in Semilla GOTS.


Because it's organic, it's ideal for knitting for babies and small children; Semilla is also machine washable, which is a bonus. Although I would still handwash my handknits, I can see the benefits of being machine washable if you are gift knitting and the recipient hasn't the time to handwash.


Embrace by Claire Walls
 Embrace © Claire Walls


We love Claire Wall's Embrace, which was released this week as part of Making Stories, Kids Collection 2021. This sweet colourwork sweater needs two colours of Semilla GOTS; the pattern covers birth up to age 6. Another great knit for babies and toddlers is Little Dream Sweater by EweKnit Toronto; it's a top-down knit with a pretty colourwork yoke. 


Little Dream Sweater
Little Dream Sweater © EweKnit Toronto


With 26 colours to chose from, Semilla GOTS is an excellent choice for knitting in stranded colourwork. Lehto from Anna Johanna's new book Strands of Joy is a top-down sweater with a pretty leaf design on the yoke that is mirrored on the sleeve cuffs. It calls for a sport weight yarn with 24 stitches, so Semilla GOTS would be a great choice.


Lehto by Anna Johanna

 Lehto by Anna Johanna's from Strands of Joy


If you shy away from stranded colourwork but like the idea of using more than one colour when you might want to consider Dayspring. A new design by Ainur Berkimbayeva, Dayspring, will be included in Pom Pom Quarterly's Spring issue. It uses three colours of Semilla GOTS, although you can knit in one and has an impressive construction. It is worked flat and sideways in two pieces. Each piece begins with a sleeve and then continues with the body working in wedges created with short rows. The two pieces are then seamed at the centre front and back with Kitchener Stitch.


Dayspring, Pom Pom Quarterly
Dayspring by Ainur Berkimbayeva from Pom Pom Quarterly Spring 2021


I love the deep cable detailing of Ysolda's Abbeyhill and the silhouette of this slightly cropped sweater. It sits just on the hips, making it a very versatile design that could be worn over dresses as well as with trousers and skirts. The beauty of all Ysolda's designs is her inclusivity when it comes to sizes; she has given instructions to knit Abbeyhill in 12 sizes up to 72½ "/ 181.5cm.


Abbeyhill, Ysolda
Abbeyhill © Ysolda


When I started looking for patterns for Semilla GOTS, it was like falling into a rabbit hole! There are so many patterns to suit everybody's tastes, so have fun looking. I hope that this has given you a few ideas to get you started.